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10 Keys To Successfully Landing Your Next IT Job

Speaker: Frank Power, President of Altitude Recruiting

Bio: Frank Power is the President of Altitude Recruiting, and is an active member of Vancouver’s IT scene. He attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and graduated from the Cabot College in Computer Studies. His vast and in-depth IT knowledge has been paramount to Frank successfully leading his teams in the integration of complex IT systems through numerous company mergers. His strong leadership skills were developed over the past 20+ years managing up to 40 staff in multiple teams across various provinces. Frank’s insightful coaching along with his deep understanding of interviewing techniques has been instrumental in hiring the right candidate and ensuring that candidates reach their full potential.

Speaker: Alice Zhou, Talent Strategist at Altitude Recruiting

Bio: Alice Zhou is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a degree in Communications, minor in Sociology and a past winner of Cultural DiverseCity Youth Entrepreneur Business Award. Her passion for connecting people has lead to the development of a thriving local business club called “Social Butterfly Club” with 5,000 plus members. In the past, she worked as a job developer helping new immigrants find rewarding careers and is a big supporter of multiculturalism. Alice is very results oriented and she leverages her massive network and superb organizational skills to help bridge the global talent with Canadian companies. In her spare time, Alice enjoys dancing, exploring new cultures and traveling.

Duration: 30 minutes speech, 30 minutes of Q & A

What employers are looking for (hard and soft skills)
How candidates are picked, and vetted
Who you’ll meet and the interview procedures
What you can do to pass the IT interview with flying colours

Keys to success:
1.    Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a job and ask for their help by giving you a referral.
2.    Actively participate in industry gatherings, conferences, trade shows.
3.    Work on a project pro bono that can get you a great testimonial/ publicity/ recognition
4.    Ensure your resume is in a 1 – 2 page format, with your best highlights on the first page.  Layout your past projects as in project objective, duties and tasks, and results as a way to showcase your talent/ experience/ knowledge.  Use quantifiable results and testimonials to impress hiring employers.
5.    Prepare something you can send along with your resume − a link to your portfolio, or projects you’ve done before, etc − to stand out from the crowd.
6.    Leverage social media to create an online presence. Create a solid and complete LinkedIn profile with multiple endorsements.  You can use it as a tool to reach out to hiring managers or technical managers.
7.    Don’t be shy to cold call your dream job companies to find out if there are any hidden positions.
8.    Volunteer and be active in your professional circle so people know who you are, and can vouch for your capabilities.
9.    Understand who’s interviewing you, dress the part, listen carefully and answer the questions followed by an example if time allows.  Don’t use too much industry jargon with a HR person.
10.    Come prepared for the interview, bring a list of questions about this organization and the position so you can find out if it’s a fit for you.

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