Past Releases – Job Candidates (June, 2010)

Social Media to help you find an employerTuesday, June 8th, 2010

On May 25, 2010, I took Robert S, a job candidate of Altitude Recruiting to conduct a one hour presentation to the Surrey Job Developer’s Network on how to best use Social Media to connect with employers.  Robert S has been a technology trainer for years, and has experience and huge following on his FB, Linkedin, Twitter etc.  For the job developers around the table, his knowledge is invaluable.  Robert really championed LinkedIn, as it is the best social media networking tool for business professionals.  He mentioned that Twitter is more of a push tool to get the message out there.

Robert also mentioned that in Facebook, you can differentiate your working friends from personal friends and family by using the lists, so that your Friday night drunken picture won’t negatively affect your 9-5 professional image.  He recommends to get connected on LinkedIn, but be selective who you accept as a connection.  As your network grows, eventually you’ll be asked to refer and connect others, but if you don’t really know the people in your LinkedIn network, that can be embarrassing.  The key to LinkedIn, Robert reveals, is in the groups.  He tells us 90% of the people lurk (poke their head in the group’s discussion to see if there is any action, if not, they leave), so there has to be relevant content and dialogue.  Add PPT, presentations, interesting topics, resources, referrals up in your groups.  Let the group be your hub, and allow cloud computing take over.  Cloud computer is a new word to describe the move from storing content from individual computers to an online place.  Picasa or flickr is where people store pictures; YouTube or Vimeo for videos; Google docs for documents, etc…..  When it is stored online such as Toolbox, you don’t need to bring your USB stick, and worry about if it is the right format.  You will always be able to open it directly online if the place you’re going has wifi or wireless internet.  This is not only safe but convenient.

LinkedIn will really help when you have a complete profile (acts as your online resume), recommendations, and connections.  If you join the various groups, it is much easier to connect with those you share similar interests.

Robert suggests to conduct searches for the HR hiring manager on LinkedIn, as most fortune 500 companies has a company file, and staff on LinkedIn.  It is also a great place to conduct research or find people to do informational interviews with.
Everyone really appreciates Robert’s personal approach and the question and answer format to the presentation!

Simon Fraser University Applied Science Alumni GatheringTuesday, June 8th, 2010

On the evening of April 30, close to 150 applied science alumni met at the Diamond Alumni Centre at Simon Fraser University, schmoozed over delicious canapés and wine, while listening to the new Dean speak about the bold new direction Applied Science is taking.  It was interesting to hear him speak about creating a closer relationship with industry and businesses, and encouraging the university students to be more entrepreneurial, and that more of these types of networking events should happen to stay connected to past alumni.

As a Communication grad myself, it always felt like fraud that we fell under Applied Science.  I am glad to see that Applied Science now only takes Computer Science and Engineering under its wings.  I was surprised to bump into an old colleague from years back, Jason Wong, who I worked with at BC Hydro PowerSmart.  He is now working as an engineer for Bosch!
I handed out some of my cards to potential job seekers, it seems no one who graduated in the past year has been able to get any real work, so people either take time off, or go into a Masters degree program.  I tried to talk to the department chair of Computer Science to see if we could sponsor any of their upcoming events, or work with them to meet the past Computer Science alumni and inform them of our services.  Unfortunately, there is no access, and he was retiring the day after, so I left him to be happy with the prawn appies and wine.

One cool thing that I got out of this evening is that I won the door prize, a sterling silver business card holder, which is perfect timing as my card holder is on its way out.  I’m proud to be a SFU alumnus, and look forward to contributing more to it in the future.  You should tap into your University’s Alumni group and see how they may assist you in your job search.

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