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BCHRMA Diversity Roundtable March 1, 2010.

BCHRMA Diversity Roundtable March 1, 2010

Speakers: Lisa Martin, CEO of Lisa Martin International; Cybele Negris, Co-Founder and COO of Webnames.ca; Darcie Gabruck, Manager of YWCA mentorship program.

This was a very open and causal Q & A style meeting where HR professionals explored some of the diversity issues they’re facing.   Lisa Martin was very knowledgeable and informed us that there are definite differences between men and women when it comes to approaching promotions. Men will go for a high position when they feel 60% ready, whereas women will only go for it when they’re 100% ready. Also, it was determined from the group discussion that men tend to be better at self-promotion, whereas women are better at getting things done.
Women face many obstacles when it comes to starting a family. All three speakers talked about offering flexible work schedules to retain female talent. Also the importance of having mentors. Mentors keep you connected to the industry, stay current and know who’s hiring etc., in addition to the support and encouragement.

Cliff Yeo was sitting next to me, and being HR advisor at Safeway, he informed us that Safeway has a thorough and detailed diversity training program for each and every employee. That was really heart warming to hear!

I look forward to more of these types of intelligent discussions.

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