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Surrey Job Developer’s Network

 On Feb 16, 2010, a group of 12 job developers met in Surrey to form the first meeting of its kind. We discussed the various challenges we each all face, and how we may work collaboratively together without offending our clients/ employer?s confidentiality. It seems that all job developers are overwhelmed, as most of them have other job duties such as career counselor, marketer, employer liaison etc?. Some of them are working part time, and has to travel and manage over a large geographical area on rudimentary company webmail systems.

 What is to our advantageous is that most are tenacious, and resourceful individuals with large networks, who are people oriented. They champion the under dog and is always looking for tools that can save them time and systemize their procedures.

 As a group, we discussed the various ways we find jobs, and how powerful social media has become. I volunteered to bring in guest speakers that can benefit and empower us to be better at our jobs. Now that I have transitioned from Job Developer to IT recruiter, we are still facing the same challenges. So I?m happy to have these people as my herd, and give me the guidance and support to help connect new immigrants to great careers.

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