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Tomorrow’s Workplace offers free networking seminar on HR & Diversity


Employment Service Providers Free Networking and Development Workshop

Dr. Robera Neault and Diversity

Dr. Roberta Neault: Life Strategies Ltd

The workplace of tomorrow will be very diverse, comprising individual differences in generations, education levels, cultural, and ability/disability. As an employment service provider, you?re aware of these realities, and are focused on connecting your clients with satisfying work situations.

Through the Tomorrow’s Workplace project, we are supporting the connection of businesses with community groups in order to source and recruit job-ready individuals in Surrey. We are helping organizations explore their ?Business Case for Diversity? to help them sustain and grow into the future.

During the workshops and discussions we?ve had with employment service providers, one common theme expressed is their challenge in building relationships with businesses.

Please join us for exploration and discussion

We invite you to join with peers in your community as Dr. Neault and Ms. Pickerell share tips and techniques for building collaborative relationships with the business community. This is about moving forward, taking some risks, and recognizing how employment service providers are uniquely positioned to meet the immediate needs of our business community.

More About the Speakers

Dr. Roberta Neault is president of Life Strategies Ltd., an Aldergrove-based firm specializing in diversity, international/global careers, and career management as a recruitment, retention, and engagement solution. She is a counsellor-educator at Athabasca, Yorkville, and Trinity Western Universities, and an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer, presenter, and facilitator.

In 2009, working with SUCCESS, she was instrumental in developing a toolkit: SEED: Supporting Employers Embracing Diversity. This comprehensive toolkit guides employers in recruitment, retention, and training a culturally diverse workforce.

Deirdre Pickerell – Speaker for Tomorrow’s Workplace

Deirdre Pickerell – Senior Consultant Life Strategies, Inc

Deirdre Pickerell, Life Strategies? senior consultant, received the BC HRMA Award of Excellence for her innovative work in career management within organizations. Ms. Pickerell is a sought after speaker and an international expert on using career management as an employee engagement strategy.

Wednesday, March 3, 3:00-5:00pm

(network/register 2:30-3:00)

Sheraton Guildford, Surrey BC

Hosted by the Tomorrow?s Workplace project:

Gayle Hadfield, Project Manager, Lynn Corrigan, Workplace Design Consultant 

 The Diversity Dialogue was presented by Dr. Roberta Neault and Deirdre Pickerell from Life Strategies Ltd. They were two amazingly funny women who obviously had a lot of HR experience. They told us that most of the Western countries will face the same challenge as Canada with a massive aging baby boomer generation and not enough of the younger generation to support the economy. Immigration is EVERYONE?s solution, except they have quick and easy immigration process, and recognition for immigrant?s professional and academic background. Whereas, Canadian immigration policy is very friendly, but the professional recognition is managed provincially by each professional association, which currently has very protective policies!

Dr. Roberta Neault explained that Diversity means many things to many people?.. it could be cultural, ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, communication style, education, disability, etc? She specifically says that one mattress owner stated that he finds that his clients tend to be women, who likes to shop from female and gay male sales personnel.

 She also told us that we should treat our employees as they?re your best customer. If you treat your employees well, they will treat your clients well weather you are there or not.

Dr. Neaults stated that she?s currently looking to hire one assistant, but because their office is so busy, she doesn?t have time to train someone, so she can?t hire. She shared with us some of the challenges employers face, and the more we can do to solve their challenges, the easier it is for employers to work with us.

One great resource she shared with us was the SEED tool kit. It?s a free resource that will help raise employer awareness, help improve capacity to attract/retain diverse workers.

I was very impressed with the quality of the speakers, and the in-depth content they delivered, and was very happy to be the lucky winner of the door prize of 100% recycled notepads as I?m a strong supporter of environmentalism.

I look forward to their future events, and would like to think that Altitude Recruiting is active in making Diversity a reality in Vancouver’s work scene.

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