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Vancouver/Lower Mainland IT Job MarketSunday, November 21st, 2010

Vancouver/Lower Mainland

Computer engineers are expected to have limited growth in this province, with few job opportunities, but programming knowledge of Java, J2EE, .NET languages and relational databases are forecasted to be in high demand. With the popularity of interactive media, web and multimedia developers are also considered to be have good future prospects.

Computer and network operators and web technicians are perceived to have good prospects through to 2015. Demand for these occupations is expected to be driven by expanding networks, including wireless and broadband, and the need to manage and upgrade complex information systems, with prospects above average for the long term.

There is projected to be an increased demand for computer security specialists, with government and businesses investing in security of their network for attacks and theft of data systems. With an increasing shift toward business being conducted online and electronically, the need for IT security professionals becomes emphasised.

User support technicians are expected to have good-average prospects in the coming years. More sophisticated software applications for both private and commercial use will demand technical and troubleshooting support. Among the strongest areas of growth will be e-commerce and internet security

Source: Labour Market Information

Short Term Employment Trends in AsiaSunday, November 21st, 2010

There is a positive outlook in the Chinese services sector, with 32 percent expected growth in employment, whilst wholesale and retail trade is projected to have 31 percent more jobs. Finance, Insurance and Real Estate is believed to have 30 percent, and Manufacturing 29 percent employment growth.

Source: Source: Manpower Employment Outlook
In a survey, the Hudson Report, of employers in various industry segments, it was found that across all sectors, 65 percent expect to hire more staff in the coming months. 79 percent of respondents in Banking and Finance expect more hiring, whilst in IT, 71 percent believed more workers will be taken on. Manufacturing and Industrial sector saw stable positive response with 67 percent believing hiring will increase. Consumer and Media/PR/Advertising saw only 55 and 34 percent of respondents, respectively, suggest hiring will increase in those sectors.
Source: Hudson Report, China

The highest growth in employment for Singapore is expected to be in Service sector, with 30 percent outlook. Transportation and utilities is projected to be close at 27 percent, with Public Administration and Education at 24 percent, and Mining and construction and 23 percent.

Source: Manpower Employment Outlook
Singapore is forecasted to experience the highest projections since 2001. 67 percent of respondents from Banking and Financial Services are intent on hiring more staff, according to the Hudson Report. In IT, 64 percent of those that responded project greater hiring, with significant investments being made in regional Singaporean IT hubs. In Health and Life Sciences, half the respondents expect recruiting to pick up, whilst 48 percent of Manufacturing and Industrial sector employees expect more hiring. Consumer and Media/PR saw less confidence, with 38 and 27 percent, respectively, forecasting more jobs.
Source: Hudson Report, Singapore

Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, the Mining and Construction sector is projected to see a 24 percent increase, whilst the outlook for Services predicts 21 percent more jobs. Finance, Insurance and Real Estate is expected to see gains of 16 percent, with Wholesale and retail trade employment projected to rise 11 percent. Transportation and utilities have less optimistic prospects, with the flat expectation of 1 percent increase.

Source: Manpower Employment Outlook
The Hudson Report results show that hiring expectations in Hong Kong are the highest in Asia, and significantly up from the previous quarter. The highest projections are for Media/PR/Advertising, with 86 percent of employer respondents expecting to hire more workers. Similarly, 80 percent of respondents in the legal sector forecast more hires, and 77 percent of respondents in Banking and Financial services projecting increased hiring. The percentage of respondents expecting more hires was 64 in IT, 61 in Manufacturing, and the lowest in Consumer sector with 42.
Source: Hudson Report, Hong Kong

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