About Us


Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, Team work, Fun.

We provide on-going support for our job candidates to guarantee the success of their smooth transition into their new placement, as well as their future employment needs.  We have the know how and the connections to get it right the first time, and the human touch so you get the respect and attention you deserve.

We understand the growing pains you’re experiencing, and would like to give you a helping hand to strengthen your IT talent pool, and give you the breathing room you need to think ahead. Altitude Recruiting’s talent pool has years of experience working with fortune 500 companies, with complex organizational structure and procedures. They have the business savvy and the expertise to adapt and excel in your ever-changing environment.

We provide flexible solutions to your varying staffing needs, from individual hires to project management. Our talented professions can do the following:

  • Conduct full technical analysis and provide recommendations.
  • Provide large and small scale project management.
  • Resolve current IT challenges, or provide IT system upgrades.

How Altitude Recruiting is Different

  • Quick response: our staff will answer your inquiries within 48 hours of initial contact (telephone, email or web)
  • Effective communication: once you have placed a job order with us, we will be in touch on a weekly or more frequent basis to ensure a successful job match
  • Our established wide network within the IT industry gives us the competitive edge in attracting the top tier talent, and our thorough vetting process will guarantee that you get the best pick
  • On-going support to employers once the job match is complete to ensure your satisfaction
  • Community involvement: speaking at various non-profit employment agencies about job search tips, or computer science alumni of various educational institutions
  • Industry expertise
  • Active participation and constant professional development for our staff in the various industry associations (PRP, BCHRMA, VEF, BCTIA, FITT)
  • Innovation: we don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to technological advancements. Currently our management system is using cloud computing and social media for interactions between our staff around the world.
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