“It is like a breath of fresh air meeting and working with Altitude Recruiting. Frank’s IT expertise and experience in the Vancouver market, Alice’s HR knowledge and insights and Altitude’s job searcher relationship approach is what most people looking for employment are looking for. A recruitment company that has a personal relationship with candidates. I would recommend Altitude to anyone looking for a new position.”

Robert L

“Alice and Frank are great. They both understand the IT industry well. The videotaped mock interview was very useful, as questions were from both HR and technical perspectives. I love their feedbacks. They helped me discover some pitfalls which I had never known.”

Cherry N

“As an IT professional of 15 years, I’ve been around enough to know the big players in IT recruitment. I only recently started dealing with Altitude Recruiting and was impressed with their outstanding service and interest in me as a person. Altitude Recruiting is not just interested in finding you a job, they want to find you a career and patiently work with you to determine where you fit. This is equally important for the employer because not only will they get the right candidate, but they will also have the career-oriented professional. And this is what makes Altitude Recruiting so different and a cut above the rest.“

Mustafa M

“Altitude Recruiting is made of friendly, talented and amazing people. They will help you with care and treat you as a friend.”

Lolita D

“Altitude Recruiting has helped me to understand the importance of my personal communication style and made me aware of how to improve upon it in order to be successful in a job interview. In today’s market, having the right education and experience for the job are certainly important, but candidate evaluations are based upon more than just that. Altitude Recruiting gives me the tools to differentiate myself from other applicants and be successful. Thank you Altitude for taking me to the next level.”

Patrick M

“I met Frank Power from Altitude Recruiting in a networking event last month. Frank stood out with his helpful attitude and determination to provide valuable and insightful information on the process of job search in Canada. Frank responded to my request to support my job search.

During the past month, I met with Alice and Frank several times. I found that they possess a deep understanding of the IT industry and the job search process. They completely revamped my perception on how to approach potential employers and how to present my skills and experience in the most effective way. Both Frank and Alice are very sincere and respectful. They maintain high integrity and they are very sensitive to the needs of new immigrants. With their personal attention I succeeded in going through the process in a few weeks.
I am grateful for their enormous support. If you are looking for professional advice in a friendly and supportive environment, I highly recommend that you contact the team at Altitude Recruiting.”

Ron N

“It is my delight to be associated with this recruiting company. I felt the sense of belonging to a company that takes interest in me and not just one that would use me as a business objective. I feel accepted and wanted by this wonderful company and by everyone I met and talked to. These were people I could relate to and ask any question and get an answer.

When I first got a call from the office to come for a discussion, the voice at the other end made me feel at peace and boosted my confidence to appear before a panel. I just felt the warmth and friendliness the very moment I was ushered into the office. On the other hand, the seriousness of what needs to be done is not lost for the sake of pleasantries. I have the delight in knowing that these people could be treating me nicely while still being very serious and professional to every detail.

I am enthralled by the way a personal touch was given to the preparation of my resume. I could see and feel the professional and technical advice being offered on a personal level to make a great resume. I have learnt a lot from the extent to which professionalism was at play when we were working on my resume.

Coming to the interview sessions, I felt as though this was the real job interview. The interviews were conducted as exact reflection of the real job interview. There were very productive critiques on my performance. I am very grateful for the blunt and straight discussions on my performance after the interview. I felt that this panel was interested not just in getting me a job but in making me excel as a person.

I have come to know that there is no second chance of making the first impression; and the first impression that has been made on me would remain with me for the rest of my life. I am delighted to say that it is not just the first impression with this company that has been wonderful, but the continuous relationship has proven that some good impressions are not just impressions but are real.”

Jonas H
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