Hiring in the IT industry is a challenging task that involves sifting through a saturated field of applicants competing for highly specialized positions that most HR departments will not fully understand. The IT department will understand these skill requirements, but won’t have the HR specialist’s expertise in identifying and selecting a reliable employee among many applicants.

Interdepartmental miscommunication and ineffective hiring practices result in time wasted training an unfit candidate, only to have to repeat the hiring process when they resign or are let go. With over 30 years of combined experience in IT employee placement, Altitude Recruiting bridges the gap between HR and IT.

Our thorough screening process, combined with our experience in the industry, enables us to identify an employer’s key needs and fill the position with a qualified and reliable candidate from the local, national, or international talent pool.

To find the perfect employee every time
Quick, efficient, people-focused service
A trouble-free and reliable hiring process

Spending valuable company time reviewing applications
Wasting time training unsuitable candidates
Spending money on ineffective advertising

Thorough screening process ensures qualified applications
Access to a diverse roster of skilled candidates
Follow-up process and assessment reports

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